Friday, April 28, 2006

12 Daily Pro Shuts Down; Investors Wait For Money

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An alleged get-rich-quick program included in an ABC4 News investigation has apparently shut down. 12 Daily Pro sent an e-mail to its memberships early Friday morning, saying their organization is being "misrepresented".

The e-mail claims some members, including Utah college students, made unspecified false claims. Because of that, and a vague reference to questions being raised by authorities, it's temporary closed up shop. The "Utah" college students mentioned are apparently BYU students.

As ABC4 News reported Thursday night, Ned Hill, Dean of BYU's Marriott School of Business became alarmed that some of his students were promoting what he believed was a risky, unethical and possibly illegal enterprise.

A memo from Dean Hill warned those students they are in danger of being expelled.

Since then, Charis Johnson, the only named principal in 12 Daily Pro and it's parent company, Lifeclick LLC, has sent an e-mail to members saying "due to the questions raised...we is best to stop accepting upgrade purchases..."

What's more, the online clearinghouse handling money transfers for 12 Daily Pro, Storm Pay, has frozen its accounts.

Here's Storm Pay's explanation:

"Investigations by both Storm Pay and other outside investigational organizations and law enforcement agencies have drawn early conclusions that these types of programs are nothing more than well hidden ponzi or pyramid schemes."

The letter goes on to say that accounts will remain frozen "until all legal matters are resolved."

That leaves 12 Daily Pro without access to member's money, and that...more than anything done by BYU students or said by their dean is probably the reason 12 Daily Pro is no longer accepting upgrades...or even new memberships.

To earn 44%... here's what 12 daily pro says you have to do: Give them your money...six to six thousand dollars, download it's auto-surf program and use it once a day for 12 days. One click and it does all the work -- usually in less than five minutes. You don't even have to watch if you don't want to.

ABC4 has tried to reach representatives of 12 Daily Pro for their side of the story. Charis Johnson is the administrator...her appartment address in Charlotte, North Carolina was apparently used on incorporation papers filed last September, and her name was on today's e-mail. In that e-mail, she pledged to cooperate with any authorities that may want to ask questions, but that apparently does not mean ABC4 News.

So far, Johnson has not responded to voice messages left by ABC4 News. Charis Johnson has also been invited to produce a detailed prospectus showing how 12 Daily Pro can make enough money to pay out 44 percent interest in 12 days.

Of all the emails and phone calls received by ABC4 News from angry 12 Daily Pro members, no one has come close to an explanation of how the program can provide a 44 percent return on membership investment. What may be more disturbing is the fact that some 12 Daily Pro members have actually told ABC4 News they "don't care" where the money comes from.

A call to the attorneys general in both North Carolina and Georgia confirm that they have active investigations into 12 Daily Pro.

Story by: Brent Hunsaker/ABC4 News Staff

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